Safety Inspection
Recent events resulting in fines, property damage, injury and even death have put the pipeline construction industry under increased scrutiny. That's why it's more important than ever to ensure you are in compliance and evaluate what measures are being taken to ensure safety is a core value and a way of life within your operation.

The Texian Group is an industry leader in pipeline safety inspection. The intent of our services is to prevent unwanted accidents and injuries through understanding, implementation, guidance and training. When implemented and practiced the effect of our services will have a personal and financial impact on your project and companies bottom-line.

An exemplary safety record is not something that can be achieved by handing out memos, it begins with a clearly stated management goal to "improve continuously" toward zero injuries and occupational illnesses.

It is increasingly challenging for managers to keep informed of the multitude of safety regulations and compliance laws in place today. However, it is critical for management to stay informed due to the significant impact these laws have on the bottom line.

Pipeline companies use safety inspection services in order to minimize those potential risks associated with pipeline construction.
The Texian Group can:
Implement Pipeline Safety Management principles, techniques and practices into your project
Provide the most current information and resources available to meet the safety, health and environmental regulations required of OSHA, DOT, and OPS
Meet local, state and federal compliance
Most importantly, enforce safety to help reduce the risk of financial and personal injury or loss

The Texian Group's industry experience coupled with the commitment to safe and cost-effective solutions have time and time again, increased production and profitability while continuing to reduce personal and financial risk.

The Texian Group provides a full range of pipeline safety inspection services to include new construction, maintenance rehab, compressor/pump stations, and other oil & gas related facilities. The Texian Group's safety inspectors are highly qualified, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Each safety inspector is carefully selected to ensure their expertise meets or exceeds the client's project needs. Our safety inspectors can be involved in every stage of a project or a single phase specified by the client.

The Texian Group ensures that its safety inspection personnel are highly trained and qualified. Our inspectors are trained in-house and through the NCCER to help ensure a qualified workforce and to reduce the probability and consequence of incidents that may be caused by human error. The Texian Group has certified internal Instructors and Proctors to administer safety qualification testing using NCCER (via ISNetworld).
Key Factors:
Industry Experience
Experienced Professionals (safety & electrical safety)
Pipeline Safety Management
Current knowledge of regulations governed by OSHA, DOT, and OPS

Key Benefits:
Industry Experience
Reduced Exposure
Reduced Risk of Accidents
Reduced Liability
Reduced Workers Compensation

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